Iowa Lakes

Iowa Lakes is a very good place to go to collage. The thing I liked the most was going into there huge garage and seeing all of there crotch rockets, ATV’s, choppers, and dirt bikes. We also went into a room where we watched them test one of there bikes, and they let one of the students do it, I got it on video. What surprised me the most was the fact that they had there own farm, where they raise cattle and pigs. It smelled pretty bad at first, but I got used to it. I would love to go there for collage, mainly for the auto mechanics, also because a couple of my friends said they would go here. The campus is pretty big, the main building was pretty confusing. We went to there farm, into there garage, and ate walking tacos with Kickstart. It takes 2 years of welding and 4 years of auto tech to take classes in auto tech. They also offer nursing, childcare, cooking, secretary, or farmer (I think). If you want to be an auto mechanic, this is the collage(in Iowa) for you. They would love for girls to be an auto mechanic, because they have more persision, and they’er more organized.